Volunteers Required for Back Pain Research

I’m looking for volunteers, over the age of 40, with or without low back pain (without any hip symptoms) for the research purposes of a physiotherapy master’s degree.

The study aims to determine whether abnormal hip movement has an influence on lower back pain.  The testing procedure involves the measurement of an individual’s hip range of movement with an extremely accurate, innovative sensor (which is taped to the skin).  

The following Covid-19 procedures are strictly adhered to – the room is well ventilated; bed surfaces, plastic pillow cases and equipment is sterilised before each use; masks are mandatory and I’m covered by a surgical gown which is changed and laundered after each use.    

Participants will receive a detailed report as well as personalised exercises where appropriate:

For those without lumbar back pain, it serves as a screening test, identifying and addressing potential problems. 

For those with lumbar back pain, it may identify hip joint stiffness or laxity that could affect the way your lower back moves.  Exercises prescribed would help address this and potentially reduce your symptoms.  

There is NO charge for the assessment, nor monetary remuneration.

If interested please call/whatsapp/sms or email me

on:    082-927-1990 or  kermann@tiscali.co.za

(Please point out that your call is regarding the research assessment and not for a regular appointment).